the golf course

hole 18 - hame

Tee Yards Par S.I.
White 366 4 14
Yellow 355 4 14
Red 274 4 14

Club Champion's Note

"A blind 18th means there is no rest on this short but testing course. Short line off the tee is left of centre - you will end up in semi-rough but it's not too thick - anything to the right will either stay on the slope leaving you a difficult stance with the ball above your feet or it will run down into the semi rough. The approach will be blind unless you have driven the ball 280 yards. With a large slope to the front right you can get a generous kick onto the green but don't rely on this. Pick a tree behind the green and aim for that. Keep to the right of centre of the green as everything runs off to the left to waiting bunkers."

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